We are the Sturrocks – Campbell, Nikki, Bracken, Breeze and Reef – a Kiwi family on the trip of a lifetime around New Zealand in a house bus. Our adventure is a real life experiment in building a motorhome using sustainability principles – considering people and the planet as well as costs in the choices we make. We’re also be putting these principles into action in our everyday lives on the road. We want to ‘do good’ and shine some light on other people and organisations ‘doing good’ for nature and communities as we travel. We call this leaving it better than you find it.

To find out more about us and what inspired us to embark on this adventure read this article from the New Zealand Motor Caravanner Magazine

Introducing us

Here’s part of our story as captured by documentary makers Natalie and Mikkel from Thought Leader Global who spent some time onboard the bus in April 2017. The idea of a family of five living sustainably on the road and schooling along the way appealed to their desire to capture stories of people making positive change all over the world. We were honoured to have them on board and are excited to share our story through their eyes.


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