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Motor Caravanner Magazine – Article 9

Our latest article is out in the June / July issue of the NZMCA Motorcaravanner Magazine.

In this article Nikki covers roadschooling the kids, a visit from and international documentary crew, meeting a special New Zealand botanist who has lead an incredible forest regeneration project on Banks Peninsula, our journey from Canterbury across to the majestic West Coast and some interesting and scary facts about native bird conservation.

We hope you enjoy the read.

The Sturrocks – NZMCA Article 9 – June 2017


Motor Caravanner Magazine – Article 6

Our latest article is out in the October / November issue of the NZMCA Motorcaravanner Magazine. In this issue we share our experience of using biodiesel and driving the electric car. These two important sustainability objectives have significantly added to our adventures in the first six months while also helping to reduce our carbon emissions.

We also recount some of the mechanical challenges we have had on the trip so far and how they have also become part of our wonderful adventure.

As this article comes out we find ourselves completing a two week trip around the East Coast and East Cape with an extra child onboard for the school holidays.

Our thanks to two of our key partners Greenfuels and Volt Vehicles for their support.

We love our bus.

The Sturrocks – NZMCA Article 6 – October 2016


Video: Testing Little Miss Sunshine for Fukushima radiation

We’ve had several people ask if our 100% electric car, imported from Japan, has any radiation contamination from the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster. Well we were lucky enough to meet Joe Rifici who has a geiger counter and knows all about radiation contamination. In this video we get quite a lesson from Joe and were suprised to find out that Toyota NZ is well aware of the potential risk from Japan.

Joes website – http://www.colloidal-silver.co.nz/