Motor Caravanner Magazine – Article 7

Our latest article is out in the October / November issue of the NZMCA Motorcaravanner Magazine.

Reduce, reuse, recycle are typical words associated with good waste management and sustainability. However we have found in our hundreds of conversations so far on the road that there is an almost inexhaustible list of these “re-“ words we can use to guide us in making good choices in our daily lives. Words such as respect, repair, restore, renew, refuse, relocalise, regenerate, reciprocity, restore and rethink are bringing new depth to our discussions and helping uncover new opportunities to make a difference and “Leave it better than we find it”.

In this article we look at a few of these “re-“ words and how they have guided our own actions and those of others we have met.

The Sturrocks – NZMCA Article 7 – February 2017

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