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Video: Testing Little Miss Sunshine for Fukushima radiation

We’ve had several people ask if our 100% electric car, imported from Japan, has any radiation contamination from the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster. Well we were lucky enough to meet Joe Rifici who has a geiger counter and knows all about radiation contamination. In this video we get quite a lesson from Joe and were suprised to find out that Toyota NZ is well aware of the potential risk from Japan.

Joes website –

Video: The Loop Crew join the Battle for the Banded Rail

We had the great pleasure of meeting Kathryn Brownlie from the Battle for the Banded Rail project while helping out on a recent tree planting on the shore of the Waimea Inlet.

In this video Nikki talks to Kathryn about the project aiming to increase the numbers of Banded Rail and other shy native birds on the margins of Inlet. Kathryn’s passion and commitment to a species in crisis was an inspiration. This is a woman not willing to allow extinction in her backyard.

To find out more about this great initiative go to Battle-for-the-Banded Rail. Their next planting day is scheduled for 26 June 2016 at Research Orchard Road, Redwood Valley. Contact Kathryn at for more details.

Here are a few photos from our day out planting.